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Real Estate Agents market your home from the outside, and Home Stagers market it from the inside. I am that neutral party that can most effectively bring out the best features of your home for a potential home buyer. When someone sees a beautifully staged home, they will immediately equate that with higher vaue. A staged home is a sold home! Call me for a home staging consultation!

Interior Designers in Saratoga Springs NY

Home Stagers in Saratoga Springs

Interior Design 

I am an Interior Designer in Saratoga Springs NY

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A creatively decorated room can lift your spirit and make you feel happy about your home. I can guide you towards great design choices that will transform your space by adding some wonderful new touches along with your old favorites. If you're remodeling, my extensive experience will make the project go much easier. I provide services for all budgets. Call me for a design consultation!

Interior Decorating
Home Staging

Interior Harmony is an Interior Decorating and Home Staging Business in

Saratoga Springs, New York

Founded in 2004 by Annie Schwarz

Meet Annie!

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